2019/2020 Club Season

Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club

Welcome to Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club for the 2019/2020 season.

Before you start your online registration, please read through this information carefully, if you have any questions please contact our Executive before proceeding.

We have a dual registration process, the first is registering with the club, and immediately following this you are passed through to Baseball Queensland (BQ) to register with them. If you are a returning member, please use your email from last season to log into Baseball Queensland, you can reset your password if required. Fees for BQ are paid directly on registration, you are unable to proceed until they are paid. For more information about your fees, please visit the Player Information/Fees page on our website, or speak with one of our Executive.

This season we are introducing a NEW player jersey for all junior and senior players. The fees have increased by a small amount to take this into account, with the club subsidising a portion of the costs as well. It is very important that returning members check carefully the saved information and update any details as required, take special note of the player number as this will be used for all new jerseys.

Senior players wishing to play in both the Senior and Masters competition must register as a dual player. The club fees to play two games a week have increased by a small amount to cover club costs such as umpires, coaches and game balls, the BQ fees will be the same as for a Senior player.

We have a sponsorship option available for players. If you have a company or business that is able to pay for your fees, be sure to fill in this information when registering. An invoice will be sent to this business to cover the costs of the club registration fees. For more information, please see Player Information/Fees on our website.

Payment plans for your CLUB FEES can be submitted at registration. If you are unable to have ALL of your fees paid before the 1st October 2019, please enter your payment plan details in at the checkout. Payment plans are only available for the club fees portion of your registration, BQ fees and uniforms need to be paid for on registration. Please note that payment plans need to be complete before the 1st December 2019.


  • 298.12 T-Ball (DOB 01/09/2012 - 31/12/2015)
  • 232.08 Rookie Ball (DOB 01/09/2010 - 31/08/2012)
  • 348.19 Little League (DOB 01/09/2007 - 31/08/2010)
  • 358.19 Junior League (DOB 01/09/2005 - 31/08/2007)
  • 368.19 Senior League (DOB 01/09/2003 - 31/08/2005)
  • 368.19 Under 20 Junior (DOB 01/01/2002 – 31/08/2003)
  • 457.31 Under 20 Senior (DOB 01/01/2000 – 31/12/2001)
  • 467.31 Seniors (DOB Prior to 31/12/1999)
  • 157.49 Women (DOB Prior to 28/09/2004)
  • 470.96 Masters (DOB Prior to 31/12/1984)
  • 497.31 Dual Seniors/Masters (DOB Prior to 31/12/1984)
Note: The registration period for this Season has closed.


Sherie Hoganpresident@rapidsbaseball.com.au
0414 447 753
Erin Honsaerin.honsa@yahoo.com
0412 549 504
James Roycejimmy9490@hotmail.com
0434 250 552
Gavin Younggavinjy85@yahoo.com.au
0431 873 6560431 873 656
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