Overview of the Executive Committee Positions

PRESIDENT RESPONSIBILITY: To support the Committee and our Volunteers/Staff through good leadership and most importantly provide a positive environment for our club to grow, develop and secure our future and engage business and local council’s participation in our Club. 

SECRETARY RESPONSIBILITY: To maintain high standards of administration and communication within the Club and ensure the organisation’s meetings are organised, conducted and recorded according to legal requirements

TREASURER RESPONSIBILITY: To assist the Committee to maintain the systems and standards of financial record keeping and accountability, monitor income and expenditure, operate club budget/s and ensure the Club meets its legal obligations under the Incorporations Act.

VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS: To oversee organisations operations and deliver the position portfolio responsibility.

VICE PRESIDENT, BASEBALL OPERATIONS: To oversee the state development, pathways, selections and service delivery systems and standards for Player of all Ages, Coaches and Technical personnel.

2020 - 2021 Season Executive Committee

The following Executive positions need to be filled for our 2020 - 2021 season:

To apply for a position/s on the Executive, please follow these steps:

    1. Download the Task Sheet for the role you are interested in (Click on the links above).  If you would like further information about the role, please contact the current incumbent (See our Committee Page for who is currently in the role).
    2. Download the Club Committee Information Pack
    3. Download the Club Committee Application Form. The application needs to be signed by two nominees who are existing members of the club.
    4. Email the Application form to 

All applications must be received in writing to the Secretary BEFORE 27/06/2020.

Volunteer Positions

We have several other volunteer positions that are available for nomination at the AGM, or any time prior to the start of the season.

Rapids Constitution

A full copy of the Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club Rules of Association can be found here.

Club Wet Weather Contact: James Royce 0434 250 552

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