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Rebecca Giddings 0439 140 359

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Membership Fees

$30.00 per year for non Rapids members.

Rapids Members are FREE to join!

4Mation members will have access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support, challenges and group activities. Please like the 4Mation Fitness Facebook page to keep up to date! 

** Further details of all the programs are available on request**



Gym -  Boot  Camp  Training

Monday to Friday from 5/5:30 to 6:30pm
** All Run for 1 Hour**

$15 a session.  Discounts apply to consecutive sessions in a week.
Monday to Friday – Prepayment required prior to first session.

1 hour session (local park) between 6am and 10am.


Personal Training

Gym - failures excuses

$60 per hour for 1 person

$70 per hour for 2 people

$80 per hour for 3 people

** Must be paid for in advance. No in lieu of sessions are applicable to any sessions. **


Strength and Physical Training

Gym -  Strength  Training

Personalised training for small groups - great for off season fitness.

Wedding Preparation Packages

Gym -  Wedding  Prep

Lifestyle Guidance:
1) Dietary advisements – Personalised to you and your lifestyle so that your new lifestyle is maintainable, with a huge focus on teaching healthier options.
2) Exercise plan – This is always personalised to the individual’s goals, fitness levels and time frames. Every plan is designed to be sustainable and interesting to the individual.
3) Weight and body analysis – This is a body composition analysis, and is helpful for those wanting to get in better shape, since exercise’s most direct result is not weight loss, but fat loss. The healthier body composition that results from exercises means an increased percentage of muscle as opposed to fat in the body. What we care about is how much of your body weight is fat, and how much is muscle.

6 Week Program:
For a detailed monitored and structured mentoring program for a 6-week program, including weekly exercise
programs (additional at home exercise options), dietary advice and personal goal tracking. All programs gives
you 24/7 support by phone, text, email or Facebook regarding any dietary or exercise questions outside of gym

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