Fixtures for 2019/2020 Season

Links to the draws will be available here once they have been finalised.

Please note: Rapids does not have any control over draw release dates. 
We appreciate your patience in this regard.

It is anticipated that the following game dates will apply:
LeaguePre-ChristmasNew Year
T Ball & Rookie BallFri, 11th Oct 2019 – Fri, 13th Dec 2019Fri, 31st Jan 2020 – Fri, 3rd Apr 2020
All other GBL Junior LeaguesSat, 12th Oct 2019 – Sat, 14th Dec 2019Sat, 1st Feb 2020 – Sat, 7th Mar 2020
Depending on finals, Junior GBL games could continue until Saturday, 4th April 2020.

If you are going away on holidays or if there is a particular game that you will not be able to attend, please advise your manager as soon as possible. In the event of illness or injury, we ask that you also contact your manager.


Team Selection and Grading

T Ball Air

Upon registration, players are sorted into teams according to date of birth. 

T Ball and Rookie Ball teams are created based on a variety of factors, but we can generally accommodate specific requests if you need your child to be with a friend or family member - make sure you let us know when registering.

Before the beginning of the season, we will be running a grading session for our Little League and Junior League players. This event is an overnight sleep over at the club and is used as a team building exercise and gives the coaches the opportunity to test all players' skill level.  It is a fun way to kick off the season!



T Ball  CoachPlayers are expected to attend weekly training sessions. Our coaches are accredited and will assist your child to develop their baseball skills during the course of the season. In the event that your child is not able to attend, we ask that you contact your manager or coach to advise same.

During the 2019/2020 season, all training sessions will be held on Wednesday nights as follows: 
T-Ball5.00pm to 6.00pm
Rookie Ball - Senior League5.00pm to 6.00pm

Training days and times may need to change, depending on the number of registrations. Once numbers have been finalised, we will confirm days and times with players and families.

Please remember to bring your drink bottle, glove and protective cup.


Game Times


T-Ball approx. 1 hour, Friday PM

Rookie Ball approx. 1 ½ hrs, Friday PM

Little League approx. 2 hours, Saturday AM

Junior League approx. 2 hours, Saturday AM

Senior League approx. 2 hours, Saturday AM

Please see our calendar for specific game times each week.


Junior Bat Regulations

For further details, download the Baseball Australia Bat Regulation Policy.

BA  Junior  Bat  Regulations

Pathways- Study & Play USA

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  1. Family orientated
We describe our work team as a family, and that’s how we treat everyone – simple as that. We are one family and we stick together through thick and thin. This experience changes athletes’ worlds upside down (for the better) and we use our experience to help personally support all our athletes through any challenge.
We pride ourselves on being a close-knit family and encourage all future athletes to understand that.
  1. We stay together for the whole journey
As opposed to other similar businesses, we supportour athletes throughout their entire journey. Our job is to facilitatethe pathway to help student-athletes maximise their whole experience right throughout the entire journey to graduation.
We all want the experience to be fulfilling and exciting, and we love being part of it from day one.
  1. Personal experience
We are backed by years of experience. Most of our staff have been through, or been heavily involved in, the American college system so we know what to expect. From flights, dorms, winning, losing, Twinkies and red cups – we’ve been there and done that!
Our experience is what drives us, we have all been thankful to have so many wonderful adventures that have helped us become the people we are, and we would love to share this with others.
  1. No hassle – We make it simple
You may hear from several people that the American college system can be a minefield wrapped up in a spider’s web, and that is for good reason. You must navigate processes and policies, forms, coach interviews, college visits, transport, logistics to name a few, and understanding where to even begin can be chaotic.
The joy of our work is that we take all this hassle away from you, and guide you step by step through the maze. We work with you to make the experience not only easy, but actually enjoyable. Our longevity in the industry mean we know where the pitfalls and traps are, and our in-depth knowledge helps athletes get to their goal sooner.
  1. Our huge network
We have worked with hundreds of coaches and dozens of colleges – we know who to talk to and when! Coaches trust us and our work and are always open to discussing athletes with Study and Play USA as we have a strong reputation and have proved our success in the US system.
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