President's Team 2018

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Registering with Baseball Queensland


Thank you for volunteering to play in this year's President's Cup game.  This event is our major fundraiser of the year, and this year we are proud to be supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  Without your interest and help, we wouldn't be able to make this happen.

A requirement of you participating in the game, is that you are registered with Baseball Queensland to ensure you are covered by insurance in the unlikely event you are injured.  There is no cost to you to register.  Please follow this link and register as a volunteer (NOT a player).

If you have any questions or problems with the link, please contact Alexa Warren on 0438 64 75 64.

Preparing for the Game

This is a VERY casual, yet highly competitive game!  The team you are playing against is made up of our Junior League players, and our Little League Rams players who have been selected to represent Brisbane North at the upcoming State Championships in April.  The President's Team is made up of highly skilled, very important members of our community, some of whom have played before and some perhaps not!  (Shhhh!  Don't tell the other team but we might be sneaking a Brisbane Bandits player onto the President's Team!).  It is a game of fun for everyone, but will this year be there year that the President's Team finally wins?

We will hold a couple of training sessions for those interested to get you throwing a few balls around, and hitting in the batting cages.  Please look out on Facebook for these times.  If you are interested in any other sessions in the batting cages, please let us know as we can arrange it for you.

Game Day

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Please arrive ready for the game at 5.30pm so that we can organise uniforms, make sure everyone has the required equipment, and you have time for a pre-game warm up.  The first pitch will be at 6.30pm.  Your coach for the evening will be there to help with positions, and a batting order and generally making sure you know what you are doing.

We have a few wonderful sponsors this year, who have very generously donated our President's Team shirts for the evening, so when you first arrive, come to the club house for one of these.  The rest of the uniform is comfortable clothes that you would wear to exercise in.

All of your equipment will be supplied, if you have your own glove, please bring it along, but we will have a selection of gloves available if you don't have one.

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