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The fees for each player are all inclusive, there are no weekly or game fees charged for each game.  The fees are split in two parts, with one part payable directly to Baseball Queensland and the other to the club.  The BQ fees are due in full at registration, and the club fees need to be paid by 1st October 2021. 

The club fees are distributed across the many running costs for the club, some of these include: 

  • Insurances
  • Association Fees
  • Club Administration
  • Maintenance/Repairs
  • Lights
  • Equipment
  • Umpire Fees
  • End of Season Trophies and Events

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!  We are excited to be able to reduce our fees for our T Ball and Rookie Ball players this season.  We couldn’t do it without your support!

LeagueClub FeesBQTotal Fees
Rookie Ball$144.74$105.26$250.00
Little League$344.81$135.19$480.00
Junior League$354.81$135.19$490.00
Senior League$364.81$135.19$500.00
Women (Short Season)$166.41$83.59$250.00
Women (Full Season)^$336.94$163.06$500.00
Dual Teams**$50.00

^ These fees cover the GBL competitions ONLY.  Any players wishing to compete in any State Title events will need to purchase the Seniors membership. Club membership will be the same.
* Masters’ fees apply to players that age qualify and play in a Masters’ competition ONLY.  If a Masters’ player is also playing in a Senior competition, they MUST pay the Seniors fees PLUS the dual team fee. Masters born before the year 1972 are exempt from paying additional fees to compete in the Senior competition. Female Masters players are exempt from paying additional fees to compete in the GBL Women’s Competition.
** Players wanting to play in two teams will need to add the Dual Team fee when registered in their age group.



Payment options available are:

  • Our preference is to be cashless, but if you need to pay cash, please talk to our Treasurer, Alexa Warren
  • Credit card through the website
  • EFT at the canteen
  • Direct Deposit:

Account Name: Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club

BSB: 034 077

Account Number: 459018

If you are experiencing problems making your payments, please contact our Treasurer, Alexa Warren, as soon as possible.


Payment Plans

While it is the club's policy to have all fees paid before the first game, we understand that this is not always possible for all families.  If  you require some more time, you are able to create a payment plan in the form of a direct debit as part of the registration process.  Please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only the Club Fees portion can be covered by a payment plan.  Baseball Queensland Fees need to be paid on registration, and all uniforms must be paid for in full before they are ordered.
  2. Direct debits can only be approved out of a bank account, credit card payments can be made at the club or online, but not as a payment plan.
  3. Direct debits are processed on a Tuesday or Friday, this is out of Rapid's control and is stipulated by our third party service provider.
  4. Each direct debit will be charged 99c, this will automatically be added to your payment instalment.  This money goes directly to our third party provider to cover their fees.  Rapids continues to absorb all other costs associated with credit card/EFT/online payments.
  5. Any payments that are rejected from your bank will attract an additional fee of $5.50 to cover the costs associated with a failed debit.  After two consecutive failed payments, your payment plan will be cancelled and we'll be in contact with you to organise an alternate payment method.
  6. ALL payments MUST be complete before the 1st December 2021.


Player Sponsorship

Do you have a family business?  With an ABN?  Would you like to be able to claim your fees as a tax deduction?

This season we are offering our members a new way to pay their fees.  We are allowing individual players and families to source their own sponsors to directly reduce their own fees.  This can be your own business or workplace, or any company sponsor you have approached to pay your fees.

How will this work?
  1. When registering your player/s, indicate that you have a sponsor who will pay for the club fees - you will need the business name and ABN.
  2. At the completion of registration, you can allocate an amount to be paid for by your sponsor, this can be any amount up to the full CLUB fees.  Note: this does not include uniforms or Baseball Queensland fees.
  3. Rapids will issue an invoice to your sponsor for the nominated amount, with 30 day payment terms.  This will be a fully tax deductible invoice for the sponsorship of the nominated player/s.
  4. Using this service will attract an extra $20 per sponsorship administration fee, which will be added to the sponsor’s invoice.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Treasurer, Alexa Warren on 0438 64 75 64 or on email treasurer@rapidsbaseball.com.au