We value the role that our volunteer managers play for the club.  If you are a team manager and have any particular questions or need some guidance, please feel free to contact our VP, Baseball Operations, via email at

Manager Task Sheet

For a detailed outline of your role of Team Manager, please see here.

To Register or Renew a Blue Card Online please follow this link.

To download a paper Blue Card application form, please see here.

Information regarding using the website to access team information and communications is here.

Information regarding how to manage your team attendance register is here.

Manager Forms

At the beginning of each season, the Team Managers are provided with a resource kit that contains everything you will need to start the season. Below are the some of the documents within this kit, if you require further copies, please download and print. Note that some of these forms aren't required for T-Ball or Rookie Ball.

Code of Conduct 

BNR T-ball and Rookie Ball Rules

Scoring Legend

GBL Game Card

Incident Report Form

PONAG Consent Form

Play by the Rules - Reporting Child Abuse

Line Up Card

Rules and Regulations

Baseball QueenslandGBL Competition Rules -  From Little League to Masters contains all of the rules being followed for the GBL competition. There is division specific excerpts below.

GBL Competition Rules - Seniors

GBL Competition Rules - Juniors

GBL Competition Rules - Masters

GBL Competition Rules - Women

GBL Pitch Count 2020-2021 New pitch numbers for all from Little League to U/20.

GBL Tie-Breaker Curfew Rules Due to Covid new timing for game finishes.

Aussie T Ball Manual

T-Ball and Rookie Ball Rules 2020-2021 Brisbane North Region

Baseball Australia's Bat Regulations for Junior players