We would encourage anyone interested in baseball to become an umpire. Umpires are required at all levels of baseball, and we can't play ball without them.

If you are interested in becoming an umpire, please contact our VP, Baseball Operations.

Rules and Regulations

Baseball QueenslandGBL Competition Rules 2020 - From Little League to Masters contains all of the rules being followed for the GBL competition. There is division specific excerpts below.

GBL Competition Rules - Seniors

GBL Competition Rules - Juniors

GBL Competition Rules - Masters

GBL Competition Rules - Women

GBL Pitch Count 2020-2021 New pitch numbers for all from Little League to U/20.

GBL Tie-Breaker Curfew Rules Due to Covid new timing for game finishes.

Aussie T Ball Manual

T-Ball and Rookie Ball Rules 2020-2021 Brisbane North Region

Baseball Australia's Bat Regulations for Junior players

Umpire Resources

For all things relating to becoming a Baseball Umpire, please see the QLD Baseball Umpires Association website.

Other helpful resources:

2019 Baseball Rules

GBL Competition Rules

Umpires Path

Level 0 Manual

Level 1 Manual

Level 2 Manual

Incident Report Forms 

Umpire Numbers (as of November 2019)

Umpire  Numbers